EuroPython2014, first impression

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Last Reviewed:2014-08-09

On this page, I’ll write first impression of EuroPython2014. It will be like a synopsis. Details of each talks, for example, I’ll write on another pages. I’m writing it at August 9, means after one week from EuroPython.

As Social Event

This is my first time to go abroad and join some conference there. Personally, I set a high value of talking with people at EuroPython2014 rather than studying through attending talks. Something important for me was talking with those presenter or others after those talks and coffee breaks. Now you may thought this writer is little like a ‘groupie’, though. That’s not true. Because these are opportunities as making discussion or meeting face-to-face, which you can’t get even if it’s an era of the Internet. And I set a high value of it, not just some useless talking or meeting.

If you want to listen to presentations, you can checkout EuroPython channel of YouTube. But you can’t talking with Python nuts there based on contents of some talks. This is the best reason you should attend the venue of the conference. For me, as I said, this is my first time to join a conference at foreign country. Each meetings is very stimulating and worthwhile. I learned how they use Python, what kind of technologies they are interested in, and how they spend a life.

This event, EuroPython, assisted this. Open and comfy venue, a lot of coffee break time, period of one week, dinner, night club, and so forth. You could talk with person staying close to you while coffee break. and there are coffee break and same opportunities many times, you would talk with him/her again. Then you would say “Ah hey, how do you feel about that talk?” like this. In addition, you would talk about technologies you are interested in or how you use it. People are interested in each other and cultures. and also interested in how people use Python or some other technologies there.

Of cause it is bad idea to talk about useless topics to waste your time. But Presentations, trainings, Sprints, or BOFs would be good stimulating and making discussions more and more valuable.

Let’s make LT

I recommend you to make Lightning Talks if you attend some event. Then, some people may accost you and say “I saw you at LT. Are you interested in ...” like this. Through making LT, we will notice who is interested in some technology which is interesting for you too. I made a presentation about django-reportmail which is one of django libraries and it’s little like for business use. So some people accosted me thankfully and talked about django and business use of Python and so on.

There was time for LT once a day for 5 days of this conference and there was many chances you could make speech. It was really nice. You can board LT on that days and many people try to get chance so we needed to go there in the morning. But, once again, I recommend you to make LT or some.

This is my LT about django-reportmail. check it out if you feel like it.

Join to the Sprint

I joined the Django Sprint at EuroPython2014 and killed some release blockers or another. And then we released Django 1.7 rc2.

It was really good opportunity to talk with core developers and django nuts. While writing patch I could ask or discuss with them directory. Especially Baptiste gave me some advices. Thanks a lot. After the sprint, few release blockers are reported again, and Now, seems these issues were removed again. Django 1.7 rc 3 will be released soon. and no body knows the rc 4 will be released or not. If you find some bags or want to contribute to Django, follow the how to guide about writing first patch for Django.

I recommend you to join some sprint if you attend some conference too.


On this page, I wrote about my first impression and some overview. I’ll write about each talks or some another things on other pages.

Overall, I exploited this EuroPython 2014 substantially. And now I want to join some another foreign conference too. I’m made acutely aware of importance of learning language, especially English. I thought “Ah my English skill helps me now”. but also I thought “I need to improve my English” strongly. Amount of studying was not so enough, so first increasing it and preparing next time. Of cause I need to study about technologies too. but I noticed that skill I’ve already learned is useful even if in a foreign countries.

Looking forward to the next chance. that’s all.