My projects

Here, you can find all of my projects, created application, libraries, utility tools and so on. If you have some question or find some bugs, please Contact me or make a ticket at own issue tracker. All of my projects are hosted on Repositories.



Shodo is a platfrom to write articles (for contents marketing, books, blogs or so) with your team mates. There are features like auto prooftexting, Github like review work-flow and so on.

_images/digen.png is a Web service for english-learners, which will analyses english sentences and display difficulties each words.



PyQ is an online platform to lean Python. It has been as my job on BeProud. and I and my team created this from Zero to One.

Native Apps


PileMd is a Markdown Note App with Beautiful Markdown Editor and Comfy Notes.



Books I wrote or joined.


color face


Graceful time and glittering effects on your wist.

You can see

  • Current Time
  • Day and Day of the Week
  • Battery Life

the Hour


the Hour. simple, clean and enough Watchface.


A utility library to clean up messy dictionary data.
A django library to send ‘report’ mail. Almost django management commands used as night batch processing, and then, administrators will want to know the result as mail. If you want to notice results of some django commands, download and try it.
A WSIG dispatcher like Django’s URL dispatcher. But it won’t parse URL patterns as regexp.
A django application to provide a web interface to set a yet another django’s settings. django-constance is a similar project and It seems better than mine.
Raven client to correspond to User object of django-newauth. But actually, now it’s not good idea to use django-newauth, Cause you can use custom user models, if you use django 1.5 or higher.

Command line tools

A command line tool to generate Basic auth credentials.
An ASCII-Art generator.


(not available) Karma ++/– for everything. You can do increment or decrement for some ascii strings and create buttons for ++/–. The source code is on GitHub
(not available) Provide buttons to tweet boilerplate sentences.
(not available) A web feed reader to consider user’s liking and filtering articles user may not be interested in.


Uiro framework
A full stack framework of Python to aim be more flexible than Django and more kind than Pyramid.
An experimental WSGI dispatcher.
A replacement of Django’s ClassBasedView. It’s experimental and no for production usage. I’ve been captivated by Views of Pyramid, so I created it.
An experimental django library to provide ‘predication’ for views. It aims similar goal with django-yacbv. It maybe my the first package uploaded to PyPI by me.