About me

I’m Hiroki KIYOHARA, a Happy hacking programmer. A guy who loves programming and creating something.

Especially I like programming with Python and creating Web applications. Django is a great Web framework in Python, but Pyramid is great too. so I often use which one of the two. If you want to check my pretty source codes, refer My projects or Repositories. Or you can meet up me at some Sprint or Hack-a-thon events, maybe, I’ll show you my development environments and my source codes.

The motivation for programming of mine originated an essay. I’ve been strongly influenced a essay by Eric S Raymond - How To Become A Hacker. I read this essay at the age of fourteen or higher and decided to become grateful hacker. I was born in 1991, so it’s around 2005.

If you are interested in me, please contact me. I’ll be glad.


Twitter is the most quick way to contact me. Or you can send mail me, the email address is here:

>>> 'moc.liamg<at>ykikorih'.replace('<at>', '@')[::-1]


We are hiring

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